Not only do we have a child bringing home constant colds from school, I swear I’ve had one week of good health since November, but I’ve also started a part time job and Little Bean has cut out one of her naps.  It leaves a lot less time for crochet and it’s really catching up to me at this point.  That said, I’ve managed to make the Pokémon I have been looking forward to since I started.  The magnificent Psyduck.  He’s tied with Jigglypuff for my favourite.

Maybe it’s the constant migraines that lets me feel a kinship with this Pokémon.  Then again, maybe I just like the pathetic nature.  I also thought Wile E Cyote was adorable.  My cute little Psyduck was made with a softer yellow than Pikachu or Jolteon.  While he is technically pretty much the same colour in the anime and games I wanted something a little more in the traditional ducky range rather than the bright fun-fur, big-bird yellow.  Little Bean’s favourite everything is duck shaped so I take my ducks very seriously.

Tail whip!

Of course when I made him, I couldn’t decide between the confused, slightly vacant stare of the Psyduck or the pained head grab.  Well, I couldn’t decide until about halfway through when the migraine hit.  I kept making him and the first one ended up gripping his head pretty much by default.  The second one I made and then only assembled a few days ago.  Lucky for me, as yesterday I completely lost track of what day it was and would have only had half a post otherwise!

While most of my Pokémon patterns aren’t free, Psyduck patterns are pretty prevalent online, so you can expect mine on Monday (fingers crossed I don’t somehow take a turn for the worse with this cold before then).  Though I will put up an add-free PDF for $1 download as I have with some of my others. More of you should buy them so I can make this my full time job!